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Hey Ladies. Todays post is me asking for your help and advice. I have needed a new set of good quality hair extensions for some time now and I finally decided upon Foxy Locks. I have read numerous reviews on these extensions and they sound perfect for me. The company is owned by the gorgeous Imogen and she offers 120g, 160g or 215g packs of 100% Remy human hair clip-in hair extensions. I originally wanted the 160g 'Deluxe' set as it seemed like the right amount of hair for me. I have normal hair, not thin but not too thick. It is also pretty long. However, after checking the website today, I am in a TOTAL dilema. The 160g set are out of stock. Seriously, it's just my luck. I've been waiting until I actually had the money to spend on them and now they are sold out, nightmare. Anyway, I am still contemplating buying them tonight as I NEED some new hair extensions for this weekend. My old extensions are a complete frizz-ball mess and I am well over due a new set. As I can't get my hands on the 160g, I was thinking of going for the 120g set instead.

Imogen - Owner of FoxyLocks

As I say, my hair is just 'normal'. I do love the big hair look on a night out and I always curl my extensions as I think this looks more natural and creates a more full look anyway. As well as the Foxy Locks I plan to order, I actually have two strips of Remy hair left over from my last lot of hair extensions that I am planning on mixing in with the Foxy Locks to create more thickness. I am hoping these extra two strips will thicken the extensions if the 120g are slightly too thin for me.

Basically I need your expertise. I know a lot of you lovely blogging ladies will of had experience with hair extensions and can offer me some advice. If I order the 120g of Foxy Locks and add another 2 wefts of Remy hair, will I get the fullness I'm after? I would LOVE your advice as I really am in two minds about wether to order the 120g set. I even contemplated the Superior set Foxy Locks offers of 215g but I just cannot afford £120 on hair extensions when I have rent to pay, food to buy and driving lessons to fork out on. The 120g set are only £54 which is pretty reasonable. There is also a shop in Newcastle city centre that sells individual strips of Remy hair and they are super thick. I could just go and buy one of those strips to add to the Foxy Locks if the 120g set is too thin? As you can probably tell, I am blabbering on but it is just because I really had my heart set on ordering these extensions.

Please help me make my decision. Have you ever had the 120g set? Were they thick enough? There is nothing worse than thin, un-natural and cheap looking extensions. If I do order the Foxy Locks, I will be doing a full review with pictures so you can see how I got along and if they provided me with enough thickness.

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