Golden Globes - Best Dressed

Last night, one of the biggest events in A-lister land took place. It was the Golden Globe awards held in California. I don't know if it's just me but I absolutely LOVE seeing what all the gorgeous celebs wore. They always look so glamorous and I start dreaming of one day wearing or owning one of their stunning dresses. I've been sat looking at the dresses online and thought it would make a fun post to show you my faves. Everyone looked amazing but some totally stood-out for me and made me think WOW. Angelina Jolie and her Versace dress have made the headlines today in the Best-Dressed category but I have to say her dress wasn't up there with the best for me. Here are my faves:

Jessica Alba - She is absolutely STUNNING regardless of what she is wearing but how amazing is this Gucci dress? I love the pastel colour and all the embellishment. It looks so glamorous and elegant, yet girly and fun at the same time. It looks perfect with her sleek up-do and simple accessories.

Lea Michele - Now this isn't to everyones taste but I saw this picture and immediately thought WOW. It's amazing how different she looks glammed up compared to her normal geek-chic style playing Rachel in Glee. I think this Marchesa dress is amazing. I love the mesh covered in embellishment. It is very unique compared to some of the other dresses seen on the red-carpet.

Mila Kunis - Although this dress is fairly simple I LOVE it. Mila has recently been announced as the new face of Dior so obviously she was plugging the brand and wore a dress from their new Spring/Summer collection. I think it is very understated and elegant. You can't go wrong with a LBD after all.

Nicole Kidman - I'm not usually the biggest fan of Nicole Kidman and her fashion choices but I have to say, this Versace dress is stunning. I love the figure-hugging design and the gold embellishment running down the front. (Can you tell I love embellishment?) She reminds me of a mermaid. Random I know. LOVE it.

Who do you think was the best-dressed at this year's Golden Globes?! 

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