NOTD - Barry M Mushroom

Mushroom? Aren't they the most gross things ever? Or so I think so. However, Barry M's amazing, not so nicely named 'Mushroom' nail polish is my new fave. I was rummaging through my obscene amount of nail polishes last night when I spotted this. I hadn't used it for a while so decided to give it another go. 

As soon as I painted my nails with this colour I loved it. It is the most gorgeous, opaque and sophisticated colour. I only needed one coat and I was good to go. No streaking or patchiness, perfect. It's a greyish brown shade which I realise sounds vile, but it really does look lovely on the nails. It goes with absolutely everything in my wardrobe and is what I would call a 'classic'. 

Nude nails were a massive trend in the summer, so I decided to buy this shade. I remember liking it at the time but not as much as I love it now. I don't think I gave it much of a chance before. I think it will now be my go-to nude nail. As well as it being a gorgeous colour, it is a bargain at only £2.99. I have a bit of a Barry M stash going on as their nail polishes are amazing quality for such a cheap price tag.

Which are your fave Barry M nail polishes? I'm thinking of buying a few more to add to my collection. Mushroom is certainly my fave at the moment!

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