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Todays post is going to be a review on the well-know and fairly 'hyped' Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I had wanted this for SO long after seeing hundreds of amazing reviews on Youtube. I've never really liked the idea of primers before as I'd tried the MAC Prep & Prime and it just did absolutely NOTHING for my skin or the finish of my make-up. However, when I read such rave reviews saying how amazing this product was and the difference it made to the overall look of make-up, I was sucked in.

I got this product as a present for Christmas so I have used it a few times now. I didn't want to use it once and then review it but I feel I have tried and tested it enough now to give an accurate review. Firstly I have to mention the price. The reason I got this as a Christmas present is because I could NEVER afford to buy it before. It cost £29.00 on the Debenhams website. For me, I think that is an obscene price for a product that you don't even see on your face. I'm only going to pay a lot of money for something if it is something I can see on my skin. For example, a lipstick or eyeshadow (maybe). Anyway, as my mum had said it was up to me what I got with my Christmas money I thought why not give it a try while I have the opportunity.

Moving on to how the product actually works. It comes out of the bottle in a clear gel like formula. I was quite worried about this at first as I suffer with combination skin meaning sometimes it can be oily. I didn't want to apply more oil to my face and end up looking like a huge disco-ball. Fortunately, this wasn't the case. I applied a small dab onto my T-Zone and it absorbed into the skin very easily. You only need the teeniest bit which is a plus point as it will last a long time. I then spread the product across my face and I must admit it feels lovely on the skin. It felt very smooth and silky. I was impressed so far. 

When I began putting my foundation on, it went on much smoother than normal due to the smooth base the primer had created. I was happy with this as that is one of the main jobs a primer should do. It also made buffing foundation into the skin easier. I wouldn't say it gave me a 'flawless' look but it definitely make my job of applying foundation a breeze. Now, the second thing this primer is supposed to do is to help make-up last all day. I used this on Christmas day when I was going to be wearing my make-up from lunch-time until all hours of the morning so it was a good test. To be honest, I don't find my make-up comes off very easily anyway as I always set my foundation with a powder. However, on  Christmas day I didn't need to touch-up once and my make-up still looked picture perfect at 3am.

Overall, I would give this product a thumbs up due to the gorgeous silky feeling it gives my skin. However, I don't think I would re-purchase it. For me, this is a pure luxury item that I only own due to it being a Christmas present. I just couldn't justify spending £29.00 for something that is nice but not AMAZING. As I say, my make-up tends to stay on anyway so the main reason I bought this was to create that flawless look. It does make my skin smooth but I can't say it makes it flawless, therefore it isn't a must-have product for me.

This is nothing to do with Smashbox Primer but can I just add that I now have 285 followers, wow. I am so grateful to anyone who takes time to read my blog and follow me. As a big thank you, I'm doing a giveaway when I reach 300 so keep a look out for that.

Has anyone tried this primer or any other Smashbox products? I would love to try some of their make-up.

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