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I made an order on Love Makeup recently for some new makeup brushes. I absolutely love this website as you can find all kinds of stuff on there that isn't easily available on the highstreet. I first discovered this website when I was on the hunt for some Sigma brushes and now it has provided me with this lovely lot. if you haven't heard of this website before, check it out here.

As you can see, I got the 'Real Techniques' Core Collection brush kit. I have been hearing SO much about this on Blogger at the minute, that I just couldn't resist trying them out. If you haven't heard of Real Techniques, it is a line of affordable makeup brushes created by Samantha Chapman, one half of Pixiwoo. Pixiwoo are two sisters Sam and Nic, who make amazing youtube videos and write a blog. They have made a huge success for themselves and Sam has had the amazing opportunity to launch her own brush collection. I always like to support 'real' girls like this as I feel they deserve every success for their dedication to making videos and blogging. Anyway, back to the actual brushes. This kit cost me £20.99 which I think is brilliant value. That works out at around £5.25 per brush. When you think of how much one MAC brush costs, this is an amazing deal. I am not going to go into detail about the brushes as I'm going to do a separate review when I have used them more. On first impressions though, I am very impressed.

I also got the Sigma Tapered Blending E25 brush. I have wanted this brush for a long time now after hearing so many people say it was an exact dupe for the MAC 217. This cost me £8.99 which is around half the price of the MAC 217. I just can't justify spending £16.00 at MAC on an eyeshadow brush so when I heard of this Sigma copy, I had to buy it. I used this last night and wow, it is amazing. I have never used the MAC 217 but I have seen it and this is identical. Again, I won't go into too much detail as I will do a separate review after using it for a while.

Lastly, I got the Crown Basics B20 Brow Brush. I had never heard of this brand before but I needed an brow bush and I figured they couldn't really go wrong with a brow brush. They all seem the same to me so I ordered this one for the massive bargain price of £1.77. Ah, I love finding such a good bargain. I also used this last night and it is fab. It does the job and I'm so glad I didn't spend a stupid amount of money on a more expensive version. All the brushes from this line were really in-expensive so I may have to try a few of the other brushes they have to offer in the future.

Overall, I am very happy with my goodies from Love Makeup. I have also come to the conclusion you really don't need to spend a fortune on makeup brushes to get good quality. All of this cost me £31.75 and they all do the job well. When I first got into makeup I thought I had to have every brush from MAC as nothing else would compare in quality. How wrong was I? Sigma is gradually becoming my favourite brush brand and they are half the price of MAC. Yay for bargain brushes.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday. I have to go to work tonight, oh the joys.

Lots of Love,



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