Sigma E35 Blending Brush

I recently mentioned this brush in my 'New Brushes' post here. I had been eyeing this up for ages after hearing so many people say it was an identical dupe for the MAC 217. As the MAC one was a tad out of my price range I decided to jump on the Sigma E35 bandwagon. I ordered this from online beauty website Love Makeup for the bargain price of £8.99. That's half the price of the MAC one, happy days.
Anyway, as I said in my 'New Brushes' post, i didn't want to rave on about this too much before I had actually used it a few times and got a feel for it. I have used it about 5/6 times for my eye makeup since writing that post and I am in LOVE. I think its my new favourite brush. Now I have never tried the MAC 217 before but I have seen posts/videos reviewing it and numerous google images. Firstly, the Sigma brush looks identical. When I say identical, I mean everything from the handle, colour and bristles. (Is bristles the right word?) Anyway, you know what I mean. The one thing I love about MAC brushes is their classic, simple design and the Sigma ones have that same chic look.

The one thing that most people say they love about the MAC 217 brush is how well it applies and blends shadow in the crease which is the main reason I wanted it. I didn't own anything that blended my 'crease' colour easily. When I go on a night out I like to do the whole, lighter colour on the lid and a dark black/brown in the crease. I found that I was having difficulty blending the darker colour out so needed a brush to make my life easier. This is where the Sigma E35 comes into the picture. As I say, I just couldn't justify £16.00 on a teeny eyeshadow brush from MAC so I went for the cheaper alternative with Sigma.

After using this, it blends my eyeshadow like a dream. I apply the darker colour with this brush in circular motions in the 'crease' area and then buff the colour out so it isn't so harsh. It takes me a few minutes to do and achieves a pretty, smokey effect. It is the perfect brush to complete my eyeshadow routine quickly and easily.

I really can't recommend this brush enough. If you are looking for a blending brush to make application of eyeshadow easier, this is the brush for you. 

Have you ever used this brush or the MAC 217 before? You can also buy this brush on the Sigma website, here.

Lots of Love,



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