Cosmo Blog Awards 2012

Hey Everyone! Now I realise you might have seen a few of these posts lately and are probably thinking 'Oh gawd, not another one' but I have been an awfully excited little blogger since hearing the nominations for this years Cosmo Blog Awards have begun. I remember reading about all the excitement last year but as I only read blogs then and didn't actually write my own, I couldn't take part. However, less than a year later I have my own little blog with 922 followers. Wowza. I realise I've only been doing this whole blogging lark for 5 1/2 months and that my blog is still just a teeny little fish in a big ocean of brilliant bloggers but none the less I would still love it if even one of you lovely people who read my blog nominated me for a Cosmo 'newcomer' award. I have enjoyed blogging and getting to know you all so much these past few months that I seriously can't imagine life without blogging anymore. I just wish I hadn't been so bothered about what other people thought in the past and got my blog on a tad bit sooner. Anyway, this post is just me trying to say if you like my blog then please click this link here and nominate me for an award. To be honest, I'm not sure how the shortlisted blogs are chosen in the end. I'm not sure if it works by the amount of nominations you receive or if Cosmo/Next pair up and pick their favourites. I know I am probably in with no chance but its still fun to get involved as you just never know. I certainly know I will be nominating lots of blogs as it is so exciting and such a good oppertunity for us bloggers to get our name out there! Again, I know you will have seen a thousand of these posts but I just wanted to share my excitement and give you the option to nominate me. Only if you actually like my blog of course. I don't want to be one of these crazy mad women who tries bribing you into nominating me. I have actually heard stories of bloggers doing Giveaways in exchange for nominations. Crazy right? 

Will any of you be entering the Cosmo Blog Awards? Are you as excited as me?

Lots of Love,

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