Sales Assistants - Polite or Pushy?

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Hello Lovelies! Todays post is something a little bit different but something I wanted to share with you none the less. I'm going to start doing more of these 'lifestyle' type posts as I find it pretty interesting reading about other peoples day to day experiences, wether the subjects be trivial or serious. This post is going to be pretty trivial (we'll leave the serious stuff for another day ha!) and the topic I'd like to discuss is Sales Assistants. Now you may think this seems a strange thing to discuss but I wanted to get your opinions on Sales Assistants and the way the act when we are shopping. I realise most of you bloggers will be shopaholics like me so you may understand where I'm coming from when I say some of them do a darn good job at annoying the heck out of me. 
I was out shopping today at a local shopping centre when I spotted some jeans I liked in the window. I've been on the hunt for a new pair so I decided to go in and try them on. As soon as I walked into the shop the sales assistant was at me like a fly around shit poo. "Hi, How are you today?'. "Do you want me to take those in the changing room for you?". Now I realise you may think she's just being friendly but no, this chick was ready to pounce on me from the minute my foot entered the door. I replied with a short and almost snappy "I'm fine thanks" in the hope she would realise I was trying to have a nice browse but no, she persisted. I made my way into the changing rooms to try on the jeans and I hear a voice over the door calling "Are you okay?", "Can I get you anymore colours or styles in those?". Again, I retaliated with "I'm fine thanks". I then decide enough is enough, i'm sick of being pestered and I just want to leave the shop. I make my way out of the changing rooms and she's straight over asking me if they are any good and basically implying I should buy them. She began showing me different colours and styles and I just though to myself 'Here we go again'. I wasn't planning on buying anything so I handed them back to her and said "I'm going to have a think about it and I might come back later". I certainly wasn't planning on buying them or coming back later but she had been so pushy and eager, I almost didn't want to let her down. In my opinion, we shouldn't have to be made to feel like this when we are out shopping. Don't get me wrong, I realise this girl is just trying to do her job and has probably been programmed to speak to every customer like this by her even more pushy manager but seriously, let me shop in peace and at my own leisure.
I realise some of you and I myself have worked as sales assistants so I realise the pressure on these girls to sell the products. I have worked in Topshop and French Connection and in my opinion they were nightmare jobs. Most girls would dream of working in a nice clothes shop but aside from getting freebies/discount, it was awful. Everyday we would be told to 'sell, sell, sell' and pounce on every customer by awful managers that only cared about their 'add on sales'. Of course I had no problem with greeting people and asking them if they needed a hand, thats just common curtosy but what I was uncomfortable with was pestering people. It's just not me and the way I see it is if someone is going to buy something, they will buy it. If they have come shopping for a dress, they most likely do not want a whole new wardrobe. If they did, they would be on the phone to Trinny and Susannah or Gok. Pestering, pushy antics will not persuade someone to buy an item of clothing. If anything (well in my opinion), it will put them off. 
As well as pushiness, theres just something really fake about some sales assistants and their whole 'OMG, it looks SO nice' attitude. Quite clearly I would look better in a bin bag so lets get read hear. When I worked in retail, I would always be honest with the customers. Yes, I may 'lose a sale' but so what? I'd rather lose a sale than fool someone into buying something that is clearly two sizes too small, clings to all the wrong places and looks unflattering on them. I realise this is a total random and ranty post but I have been left annoyed by one too many sales assistants lately. I'm sure they are worse in Australia too so if any of you reading this are Aussies please let me know if this is a common thing here? For example, me and my Step-Mum went to get our hair done in Brisbane the other day and before our appointments we decided to have a little shop. We went into a shop called 'Universal' and oh my days the girl in their would not leave us alone. Even when we were in the changing rooms she was throwing things over the top that had no relevance to the items we were trying on. One included a hideous jumper with a huge love heart on the front which she kindly informed me was new in today. No thanks. She even said "what are you trying on now?" the nosey blooming parker. My step mum was also getting irate as she was trying to make her try on mini skirts when she had taken in two maxi skirts. How this girl thought that was similar is beyond me? I did end up buying a checked shirt but when she saw I was only buying one item her attitude suddenly changed and she was fairly rude towards me. She packed my bags in a hurry, didn't say thank you when I handed my cash over and looked at me with a stuck up little grin. When we left the shop I had a huge rant and thought to myself, isn't shopping supposed to be fun? This is when I had the idea to write this post. 
I wanted to share with you my experiences and see if you have found yourselves in any similar situations? I am by no means saying all sales assistants do this and some can be very, very helpful but one thing I do find massively irritating is being forced into buying things or feeling guilty if I don't spend enough money. If I like something, I'll try it on. If i need another size, I'll ask. If I want something, I'll buy it. Its quite simple really. As long as you greet me with a warm welcome and let me know your there if I do need anything, I'm happy. Other than that, please just leave me to enjoy a browse instead of trying to sell me your whole shop. 

Do you find pushy sales assistants irritating like me or am I just being a moany miss? Are they just trying to be polite? Please do let me know your thoughts and opinions so I don't bite off the next pushy sales assistants head!

On a plus note, its Friday which means it's the weekend. Yay! Enjoy!

Lots of Love,

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