NYX 'Exquisite' Dramatic Chromatic Eyeshadow Pigment

Hey Ladies! Today I would like to share with you all a product I have been loving lately. To be honest, I've never really latched on to the whole pigment craze but whilst I was shopping in Brisbane recently, I saw these NYX Dramatic Chromatic pigments and just had to get one. I know everyone seems to love MAC pigments but for the high price tag they've just never appealed to me over a standard eyeshadow. However, NYX is a brand I've been wanting to try for quite some time now after seeing lots of reviews comparing the quality with MAC. As you all probably know, MAC is one of my favourite brands but if I can find something just as good for a fraction of the cost, it's a winner in my eyes. When I saw a NYX stand in Brisbane, I knew I had to give one of the pigments a try as the brand isn't readily available to buy in the UK. I've noticed River Island have started stocking a few bits and bobs but other than that, I haven't seen it anywhere. Being a beauty product addict, I obviously took the chance while I had it and snapped one up in the shade 'Exquisite'. 

This one jumped out at me straight away because of the orange tones. I recently read on Zoella's blog that orange tones work well with blue eyes. I've always been a lover of bronze/gold shades but have never swayed towards anything orange toned. I guess I never really pictured orange working on eyes and always thought it was more of a cheek and lip colour. However, since Zoe is one of my favourite bloggers and always looks gorgeous, I took her word for it and decided to give it ago. I'm glad I did as I have used it a couple of times now and must say, she was right. The orange undertones in this pigment work beautifully against my light blue eyes and really make them stand out. The pigment itself is very finely milled, creamy, glides onto my eye like a dream and as well as being very soft, it is immensely pigmented. I certainly agree with the 'chrome' description of this product and its almost like I'm applying powdered metal to my eye lids each time I use it. I do think the colour alone is quite overpowering for the whole eye but as you can see from the picture above, I've been using it with a matte brown in the crease to soften the look. 

Overall, I absolutely love this product and cannot wait to get my hands on some more. As well as having amazing quality, they are exceptionally cheap. When you compare this to a MAC pigment, the quality is just the same, if not better. However, NYX pigments are priced at only £5.00 a pop compared with MAC's whopping £16.50. You do get less product in the NYX jars but in my opinion, I would never use a full pigment from MAC anyway. I only need the tiniest amount on the end of a brush when using this product so I imagine it will last for a very long time. They can be found here on the Love Makeup website and they offer a large range of colours. I already have my eye on a few more, including 'white' as I think it would be a very close dupe for MAC 'Vanilla' pigment and work perfectly as a highlight shade. I am very happy I have found these little gems and would highly recommend giving them a try. 

Do you own any of the NYX pigments?

Also, I can't believe it is June already, where is this year going?

Lots of Love,

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