Instagram Diary #2

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I reached over 1500 followers - thank you!  ♥  Addicted to The Sims Freeplay on the Ipad  ♥ Ready to go out for a meal  ♥  Cocktail at Hervey Bay  ♥  Yummy Bruschetta  ♥ Funny Quote  ♥ Writing my name in the sand  ♥  Me at Hervey Bay Beach  ♥  Love this lipgloss  ♥ Freshly manicured nails with a clear top coat  ♥ Me and my friend Camille  ♥ My amazing new double ring  ♥  Loving this mascara (Review soon!)  ♥  Aztec OOTD  ♥  My supposed celeb lookalikes?  ♥  My boyfriend using the outdoor gym - genius idea ;)! 

Hi Ladies! Just a very quick Instagram post from me today. This selection of pictures have been taken over the past couple of weeks so I thought I'd share. I recently hit the 1500 followers mark on my blog and I couldn't of been happier. This is such a huge milestone  considering I only started this blog 9 months ago. Thank you so any one who always takes the time to leave me nice comments, tweet or email me and hello to any new followers. I promise I will be doing a giveaway as a thank you very soon. Me and the boy went to stay at Hervey Bay (tourist destination in Queensland) for  a couple of days last week and we had a lovely time sipping cocktails, eating yummy bruschetta and chilling on the beach. I obviously had to write my name in the sand - does anyone else do this when they are in another country or is that just me? We also came across this outdoor gym which I thought was absolutely genius? I swear if I lived anywhere near a free gym like this I would have the body of a goddess haha jokes!  Apart from that I haven't done a great deal over the past couple of weeks apart f rom chilling out and blogging. I also went and got my nails infilled which made me very happy as they were an absolute state. I wear clear acrylics so I can apply polish on top but I thought they looked lovely and elegant with just a clear top coat. 

Oh and just to finish this post, how awesome is that quote? I saw it stuck on the fridge at the place we were staying at Hervey Bay and thought it was such a funny motivational quote. If you can't read it from the small picture, it says -

"This is a tuit. At long last we have sufficient quantity for you to have one of your own. Guard it with your life! These tuits are hard to come by - especially the round ones! For years you've been saying "I'll do that as soon as I get a round tuit" - Now that you have a round tuit of your own, many things that you mean to do just might get done! So get tuit!

Get it? I thought it was a clever quote and definitely motivational as I am all too often saying "I'll get round to it" then never actually doing it!

I hope you have all had a lovely week!

Lots of Love,

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