Oops I Did It Again! | Primark & H&M Haul

Hi Ladies! As you can see by the title of this post, 'Oops I did it again', I went shopping, AGAIN!! I must admit I went a little crazy when I got my first monthly wage since starting my new job but who doesn't want to treat themselves after landing a new job and working hard for a month? At least the things I've bought are from Primark and H&M so they were all relatively cheap and cheerful, yey! So without blabbering on for too much longer, here is what I bought...
Blue Slouchy Jumper - Primark
My mum actually bought this for my little sister but it was massive on her so she very kindly said I could have it. I'm very glad she did as I love the unusual colour and you really can't go wrong with a slouchy jumper at this time of year.
Black Playsuit with Leopard Print Trim - Primark
I wore this in a recent outfit post here and absolutely love it. It feels and looks much more expensive than Primark and can be worn casually or dressed up. I love owning clothes that are versatile so I can get lots of wear out of them.
White 'Guns N Roses' Vest Top - Primark
Now I'm not a massive Guns N Roses fan or anything, I just really loved this vest top. I own quite a lot of vest with graphics on the front like this one as they are so handy to throw on with leggings. I thought this one would look particularly nice with my leggings, ankle boots and a leather jacket.
Super Skinny Jeans - Primark
Oh my, these really are super skinny. I was becoming quite self conscious I'd gained weight whilst trying these on as my usual size tens looked like they'd been glued on. However, I tried the next size up and they were massive so I figured it was obviously just the style and after a couple of wears they would loosen up and fit perfectly. Does anyone else find skinny jeans are super duper tight at first but okay after a couple of wears?
Beige Slouchy Dipped Hem Jumper - H&M
The photograph below does this item no justice whatsoever. In reality it has the most gorgeous flecks of gold running through it, perfect for the Christmas season. As I said earlier, I'm a huge fan of slouchy jumpers at this time of year and think this one will look great if I want to look a bit smarter while still remaining warm and cosy. It also has a dipped hem back which is right on trend.
Sheer Fuchsia Blouse - H&M
As soon as I saw this blouse I just had to have it. I absolutely adore the bright pink shade and I have already worn it to work with a black pencil skirt and on a day out with my friend paired with skinny jeans, ankle boots and a spiked necklace.
Slipper Shoes
I'd lost one of my beloved Slipper Boots and with the weather being ridiculously cold, my poor little tooties were like icicles. I spotted these in Primark and loved the cute pattern and pom poms. By the way, there is two Pom Poms on each Slipper, one of them is just tucked inside the left one. They haven't left my feet since I got them, they are so cosy.
Skull Scarf - Primark
I'm a big fan of these Alexander Mcqueen style skull scarves so I couldn't resist this sheer black and grey version when I spotted it. It's perfect for throwing on over a plain top to spice up an outfit.
Black and White Bodycon Dress - H&M
I totally forgot to take a photo of this so I thought I'd include some photos of me wearing it at the weekend instead. If you follow me on Instagram (kayleighjcouture) or Twitter (@k_leexjx) you will have probably heard me gushing over how much I love this dress and how cheap it was. It only cost me £12.99 which I think is a complete bargain and I felt very ladylike and sophisticated whilst wearing it. I love the print, the shape, the length - EVERYTHING!!!
So there we have it, all the things I've (naughtily) been buying lately. I've almost blown all of my wages but I have bought lots of Christmas presents as well, so I'll let myself off. 

Have you been treating yourself lately?

Lots of Love,

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