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Hi Ladies! I hope you are all well. I'm not particularly over the moon it's Monday meaning the start of a working week but I am very happy that come Friday I have 11 days off to celebrate Christmas with my nearest and dearest. I just hope the next four days get a shifty on, doesn't time always go slower when you're waiting for something exciting? 

Anyway, I won't go off on one of my tangents 8). Today I want to talk to you about a haircare brand I have loved and used for years and years and if you hadn't already guessed for the huge pictures above, that brand is ghd. For as long as I can remember (well, since I was 13 to be precise) I have used ghd hair straighteners religiously. I remember getting my first pair and cherishing them so much as lets face it, they are the ultimate hair accessory for most girls around the world. I've had a few pairs in the past 9 years including the classic ghd, a white pair and most recently a black and gold pair for the 'midnight' collection. I am obviously swooning over their most recent metallic range too - a-maz-ing. 

So now you're up to date with my love for ghd, you can only imagine how thrilled I was to receive an email asking me if I'd like to try their Style and Protect Gift Set*. Of course I immediately said yes and was very excited to try some of their styling products to go along side my beloved straighteners. I remember when I was younger and my hairdressers would always use ghd products on my crazy frizz ball, too many layers hair. (I blame you for that one mum!). Thankfully my hair has calmed down a lot since then but even after all these years later, I still remember how soft and smooth their products made my hair feel. I actually bought their heat protector spray lots of years ago and feel in love with it. The only reason I never re-purchased is because I was young and couldn't afford to buy high-end brands. However, now I've had the opportunity to try the products above, I think my love for them may has been rekindled.

Please excuse my roots - my highlights are getting re-done on Thursday *phew*

The gift set I was send includes a huge paddle brush, two clips for sectioning the hair, a Straight & Smooth Spray and a Final Shine Spray - everything I need to create soft, smooth and sleek hair. As you can see from the collage I've put together above, in a few simple steps, these products along with my ghd straighteners helped me to achieve perfectly straight and smooth hair. I quite often get lots of fly aways but I found the Straight & Smooth spray completely banished any frizz and the Shine Spray left it looking healthy and shiny.

Step 1
The first thing I did was brushed through wet hair with the paddle brush which is absolutely amazing. Since receiving this set I haven't used another brush as this is so strong and perfect for getting through my tangle-prone hair. 

Step 2
I then moved on to blow drying my hair. I didn't use any fancy brushes or products as I wanted to leave it completely natural to see how well the ghd products would work at smoothing it down, banishing fly aways and making it look shiny.

Step 3
I then sectioned my hair with the sectioning clips included in the gift set. These are so handy for styling hair with as it is always better to go through hair in sections to make sure you are applying heat protectant all over the hair and to ensure you aren't missing bits of hair with your straighteners.

Step 4
I then spritzed the Smooth & Straight spray all over my hair to ensure it was protected from any heat damage and oh my goodness, this stuff smells incredible. Each time I sprayed it on my hair I was sniffing it like a total loon - so worth it though! 

Step 5
I then went through each section of hair and used my ghds to get rid of any lumps and bumps. I found the straighteners glided over my hair much easier than normal after using the Straight & Smooth spray and there was no pulling or tugging what so ever.

Step 6
To finish the look off, I gave my hair a quick spritz with the Final Shine Spray and I was good to go. As you can see from the final photo above, I was left with straight, smooth and shiny hair. I'd also like to point out that I took these photos yesterday and my hair is still perfectly straight and smooth today. I rolled out of bed this morning, gave it a quick brush and left it for the day. I couldn't stop touching it at work as it really does feel like silk. A big thumbs up from me.

If you're looking for last minute Christmas gifts for your mum, sister, best fried or even if you just want to treat yourself, I can't recommend this beautiful gift set enough. I was so impressed with how well presented the set looked and the products really do work amazingly well. The set costs £39.00 which is very reasonable for a selection of high-end hair products. You can find the set on the ghd website here and if you want to see more amazing styles from ghd, click on the following link - hair styles from ghd. They are much better than anything I could ever do.

Do you liked ghd? Have you ever tried their styling products?

Lots of Love,

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