I Finally Got It | Kate Moss Matte '107' Lipstick

Hi Ladies! I hope you are all well and loving the fact its Friday, yey! For the past few months now the blogging world has gone mad for Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipsticks and one shade that has always been raved about a little bit more than the others  is 107. Shade 107 is a beautiful deep plum red, perfect for this time of year so its no surprise its been the most popular choice. I've been wanting to get my hands on it for months now as its a very 'me' shade. I love a bit of colour on my lips as nude completely washes me out and this one appeared to be the perfect bold lip for the cold winter months. However, each time I popped onto the Boots website, it was sold out. I was rather disappointed each time I went online to see the 'sorry this item is not in stock' sign staring back at me but it just proved how popular this lipstick is which in turn made me want it even more.

So, you can image how happy I was when one day whilst snooping around the Boots website on my lunch break at work, it was in stock. I immediately ordered it and whilst resisting temptation to order a few more shades alongside it (I'm looking at you shade 110), I clicked 'place order' and patiently waited for Mr.Postman to arrive.

When it arrived in the post the first thing I absolutely adored about this lipstick is the packaging. Don't get me wrong I love sleek black MAC lipsticks as much as the next girl but something about the bright postbox red tube with 'Kate' scribbled across the lid makes this so much more appealing. I'm not sure if its because it looks different to any other lipsticks I own and stands out in a sea of dark lipstick tubes but whatever the reason, I love it. I also love the shiny black interior and everything about this lipstick just scream sophisticated.

So after me gushing over the packaging for a while (easily pleased), you probably want to know what I think about the actual lipstick. Firstly, the colour is everything I expected it to be - deep, bold and dramatic, just how I like my lipsticks to look. I also love the berry purple undertones that come through as they are on of my favourite lip shades to wear.

On first application I was extremely pleased with the creamy, yet none drying formulation. I must admit I was slightly concerned that this range is Matte as matte lipsticks and I don't always get along. I hate when a lipstick drags across my lips and highlights any flaws but this one did none of that and instead left my lips with a creamy, satin texture. I wouldn't say these lipsticks are highly moisturising or in any way glossy but they also aren't matte or drying either - a perfect in-between lets say. The great thing about them not being super glossy is the staying powder as this lipstick didn't budge for a good few hours after application. I also didn't find the need for a lip liner which is always a bonus.

Overll I really love this lipstick and I can already tell I'm going to end up adding more of them to my collection As I mentioned earlier, 110 stood out to me when reading other reviews and as its a beautiful bright peachy orange shade that I just know it will make its way into my Spring/Summer makeup bag. For only £5.49 each I think these lipsticks are a great investment and perfect for those of you looking to try a matte lipstick without breaking the bank.

I got mine on the Boots website here and they are currently offering 3 for 2 across Rimmel products. Three of these lipsticks for £11.00? What are you waiting for!

Have you tried the Kate Moss mate lipsticks? 

Lots of Love,

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