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Hi Ladies! Today I'd like to share one of my new hair tools with you all, the Ti Creative Styling Touch 2 Butterfly Straightener*. A while ago I was contacted by My Salon Looks, a fabulous website that supplies all sorts of beauty goodness and they asked me if I'd like to test and review a pair of their Butterfly straighteners. I was seriously impressed with their website (they stock all sorts of wonderful goodies) and the straighteners sounded exceptionally promising. Well fast forward a couple of months, I've had the chance to test the straighteners and I have to say, I'm so impressed. For a long time, the only straighteners my hair have seen are ghd's as I always had them down as the "best" on the market. Now don't get me wrong, I still adore my ghd's and use them regularly but the Ti Creative Styling straighteners have taken hair straightening to another level. Firstly, just look at the design, how cute? The shiny black is super chic and a scattering of yellow leopard print butterflies adds a unique and girly twist to your standard straightener. They also offer a red version if yellow isn't your thing.

Unlike most straighteners that damage hair due to intense heat application, the Butterfly straightener has been uniquely designed with 96 ventilation holes to distribute heat evenly. This ensures that your hair is not singed or snapped by the heat which is of course the biggest concern when using heat appliances. They also stop the straighteners from over heating and therefore damaging the hair, a win win right ladies?  Talking of heat, another cool feature of these straighteners is how quickly they heat up. They heat up to 230°C in only 40 seconds and the heat can be set to your own preference using the handy arrows on the side. There's even a built in LCD screen to help you control the temperature and a pre-set memory function that remembers your temperature preferences, pretty nifty right?

Another thing I love about these straighteners is their lightweight design. If you own ghd's or any other straighteners for that matter, imagine the weight of them and half it, this is how light the Butterfly straighteners are. For me this is a big plus point as my long hair takes a long time to straighten which has often resulted in me getting a sore arm from lifting a bulky straightener. I also find these straighteners perfect for getting into the 'nooks and crannies' of my hair as the plates are so lightweight and thin, making it really easy to grab all of my shorter layers and fringe with ease. With this being said, I also think these straighteners would be perfect for you ladies with short hair.

So, after all my raving about the design of the straighteners, you probably want to know if they actually work? Lets face it, the main reason we buy hair straighteners is to achieve salon sleek locks in the comfort of our own home. Well, this pair of straighteners does that and so much more. The straightening plates are made from titanium meaning they increase hairs natural hydration and they're scratch proof too meaning there's no risk of them damaging or dragging on the hair. I find my hair looks so soft, silky and smooth after using these straighteners and all fly aways and frizz is completely banished. They glide over my hair like an absolute dream and straightening time is massively reduced when I use them. They're also perfect for curling too which is a huge bonus for me as curled hair is one of my favourite styles. My curls have never looked so sleek and bouncy haha!

Overall, I'm a massive fan of these straighteners and its completely opened my eyes to different kinds of hair tools. If you fancy trying something different from your standard straighteners, these are a fabulous alternative. 

They're available to buy from the My Salon Looks website for £155 and if that isn't in your budget then guess what? The lovely people at My Salon Looks have created a special 50% off code for my lovely readers. If you want to snap a pair of these straighteners up (Yellow or Red), just pop KAYLEIGH50 in at the checkout. Bargain alert!!

Lots of Love,

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