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Hi Guys! With Christmas just around the corner, I'm preparing myself to completely over-indulge and stuff my face with turkey and chocolates! If I can't do it at Christmas time, when can I? However, the only disadvantage is of course putting on an extra couple of pounds that I'll have to work my hardest to shift in January! I already have a detox lined up which I'll be blogging about in the new year but today I'd like to share something else to consider if you're thinking about your new year fitness regime. I'll pass you over to Revival Boot Camp ...

When people hear the words fitness and holiday together they are instantly put off – how can you have a holiday that revolves around fitness? Surely it can’t be fun; however there are many that beg to differ. Going away on a fitness holiday or fitness retreat, has many advantages, some of which will surprise you.

Its a great way to kick-start your fitness or weight loss regime, or even just a way to try something different. It can be a difficult concept to get your head around, which is why we have come up with a few advantages of fitness holidays and why they are something you should consider. When looking for a quality fitness holiday, make sure you do your research and ensure that the provider is a recognised and trusted company such as Revival Boot Camp.

A Change Of Scenery
Whether you are a regular gym-aholic or need something to motivate you to start exercising, sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need. Rather than doing your workout in a sweaty gym you can train on a sunny beach, or do water sports in exotic locations. Not only will you feel more motivated to actually go and do some exercise, the warm weather can help you work on your tan so you will look great when you go back, too!

A Chance To Get Away
 Sometimes the stress of work and family responsibilities can be too much and often it can drain your energy or stop you from having time to work out. It can be good to get away sometimes and have a break, take a bit of ‘me’ time and do what makes you feel good. This is a chance to work on yourself, whether you want to take along a friend or you want a timeout from everyone back home, the choice is yours. When you go back you will feel rejuvenated and full of energy, ready to tackle whatever anyone throws at you.

Boost Your Confidence
Many people are put off from going to the gym because they are self-conscious or embarrassed of the way they will look, however going to a fitness holiday there is no worry of seeing anyone you know. Everyone is a stranger, many are in the same boat, and other more experienced members are usually very helpful and encouraging. By starting off your exercise regime on a fitness holiday, you can start to gain your confidence and prove to yourself that you can do it, so when you get back to your normal life, you won’t have any confidence issues.

Make New Friends
Fitness holidays are extremely sociable and team based, they encourage teamwork and many team sports and activities are organised. Not only does this help you to gain each other’s trust, but it also allows each of you to encourage and motivate each other. This again will boost your confidence, but can also help you to push yourself harder. The trust and friendships you will make in a short amount of time can last for years to come, and many people often stay in contact after their visits to retreats – another aspect of fitness holidays which can instil continued motivation.

Live The Dream
For many fitness holidays you will be treated to a relaxing massage or spa sessions after a hard day’s work out, meaning you can unwind and get the most out of your holiday. You will also be advised of healthy and nutritional snacks and meals that you can make that taste great. The overall experience is not just a flash in the pan that stops as soon as the holiday ends – it provides you with everything you’ll need to keep your whole regime going when you’re back home.

This post was written by Ekta Mair for Revival Boot Camp who specialise in boot camps across the UK and Spain. Sponsored content*

Would you ever consider doing something like this? I really love the sound of it and am tempted to look into it further! I imagine it would be something quite fun to do with a group of friends!

Lots of Love,

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