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When the gorgeous Em from Em Talks (one of my all time favourite bloggers and someone I'd now consider a friend) announced on Twitter and Instagram that she was launching her own jewellery shop, I couldn't have been happier for her. I think its amazing to see bloggers launching their own businesses and it just goes to show that if you work hard and have a lot of dedication, like Em clearly does, it can really pay off. As soon as she launched the website, I hurried off to have a look and as myself and Em have pretty similair taste, I loved all the jewellery on offer. I'd also like to add that the website it really lovely too - the name she's chosen for the shop, 'LVNDR' is really cool and this is reflected in the lavander brand logo and colour scheme of the website. 

A few days after the website was launched, an email popped in my inbox from Em telling me all about her new project and she asked if I'd like to try a couple of pieces of her jewellery. I agreed straight away, not only because I love the jewellery she stocks but also because its great to support and help fellow bloggers - especially with something so big and exciting as launching an online shop! With this being said, I told Em she could decide what she wanted to send me as I love it all and I then waited patiently for my little package to arrive in the post.

When my LVNDR package landed on my doorstep just before Christmas, I was really touched because of the sweet and thoughtful packaging. As you can see in the photos above, the baby pink paper, string ribbon and brown tag all look really lovely together and the message on the tag was so sweet. When I unwrapped my package, there was even more prettyness as two little draw-string bags were inside to keep my new pieces of jewellery safe. Packaging can make or break a brand in my opinion so to see that so much thought was put into presenting them beautifully is great! When I opened the cute little bags, I understood what the princess reference on the label meant as inside was a little gold ring that looks just like a princess crown - its so cute! She also included a gorgeous dainty gold bracelet with hearts on which looks really elegant and ladylike. I love them both and can't thank Em enough!

I've been having a look at the LVNDR website today and it looks as though the heart bracelet isn't available anymore, but there is a similair version that can be found here and the crown ring is still up for grabs here. Em has also added lots of new stock recently and I particuarly love the new range of rings - especially these ones here, here and here. All of the stock is so affordable as everything costs less than £10 and a lot of the rings cost less than £5. If you love jewellery, its definitely a good place to look for some bargains!

Make sure you check out the shop and follow them on twitter @LVNDRtweets and on Instagram @lvndrgram. Congratulations and good luck on your new venture Em - I'm sure its going to be a huge success!

What do you think of LVNDR? Have you checked out the website yet?

Lots of Love,

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