Topshop Beauty Haul

Topshop Beauty Haul, Topshop Makeup Review, Tosphop Lip Cream, Topshop Cream Blush, Topshop Magic Liner, Topshop Brighten Concealer

Forget shopping for clothes at Topshop, I'm more interested in their makeup. Topshop makeup would have to be one of my favourite high street beauty brands as every single product I've tried so far has been a total winner. From their amazing lipsticks to the fabulous highlighters, they tick all of my boxes. With this being said, whilst having a recent browse around the Topshop website, a few products wormed their way into my shopping basket. I haven't tried any new Topshop makeup for quite some time so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to treat myself to a few things and I also spotted lots of new products so I clearly couldn't resist.

I picked up four products - a lip cream in the shade 'Lotus Flower', a cream blush in the shade 'Afternoon Tea', a Brighten concealer pen in the shade 'Moonlight' and their Magic Liner in the shade 'Engraved', a classic black.

Topshop Beauty Haul, Topshop Makeup Review, Tosphop Lip Cream, Topshop Cream Blush, Topshop Magic Liner, Topshop Brighten Concealer
Topshop Beauty Haul, Topshop Makeup Review, Tosphop Lip Cream, Topshop Cream Blush, Topshop Magic Liner, Topshop Brighten Concealer
I've been wanting to try a Topshop blush and their Magic Liner pen after hearing so many good things about them from fellow bloggers and on first impressions, I'm really impressed. The blush isn't a shade I'd normally go for but its actually really flattering and nowhere near as bright as it looks in the pan. Don't fear, I'm not walking the streets looking like coco the clown. I also love how easy the blush is to apply - its a cream to powder formula so I've been dabbing it on with a stippling brush and it blends into the rest of my makeup seamlessly. I'll be sure to do a full review on this soon - apologies you can't see the colour of this, I forgot to include it in my swatches above - whoops! I was also in need of a new liquid liner after my beloved Loreal perfect slim ran out. I decided to try the magic liner and so far, so good. I don't thik its as easy to apply as the Loreal one and perhaps not quite as black but its still good and I'll certainly get my use out of it!

The 'Brighten' pen is quite an interesting product which is probably the reason I was drawn to it. I'm not exactly sure what its purpose is but by looking at it, I'm guessing its for brightening and concealing the under eye area. The pen applicator reminds me of the YSL touche eclat so I thought it'd be worth a try to see if it can compare. I got the shade 'Moonlight' which I believe is the only one available on the Topshop website and its quite a neutral, flesh toned shade. Its hard to make out in my swatch above but it also has a salmon undertone so I'm hoping that's going to be good for banishing my early morning under-eye circles. I've not tried this one yet but again, look out for a full review coming soon!

Finally, I couldn't buy makeup from Topshop without getting a lip product. I'm sure you all know by now that lip products are my ultimate makeup weakness so when I saw Topshop had added some newbies to their range, I was like a kid in a candy shop. Some of the lip products I've never seen on the Topshop website before include their Lip Creams, Lip Paints and Lip Inks, all of which intrigued me. I also like the look of their lip bullets too and although they've been around for a while now, I'm still yet to try one. To be honest, I really wanted to buy one of each but I reigned myself in and decided to try a lip cream in the shade 'Lotus Flower', a beautiful shimmery berry pink shade. Berry pink is my favourite lip shade to wear so I was instantly drawn to this one. I have to say, after trying this on my lips, I'm not sure if I'm overly keen on it. The glitter particles make it look quite chunky and its not very forgiving in terms of dry patches. I'll give it another try though as the colour is stunning so I'd hate for it to sit in my drawer and go to waste.

Topshop Beauty Haul Swatches
Have you bought any makeup from Topshop recently? What's your favourite Topshop makeup item? I really want to try their 'Glow' highlighter next!

Lots of Love,

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