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Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing a post wrote by the lovely Janette Davies from Charee Mag and its all about how to take care for and make the most of your eyes. I found it a great read so I hope you enjoy it too. With that being said, I'll hand you over to Janette ...

I would definitely say my eyes are the statement feature of my face. Some may disagree, especially my male cousin who describes them as 'scary' and that they 'glow in the dark' (his exact description). However, as someone that looks at the glass as half full, I have turned his comments into a positive. My cousin is in the minority with his opinion about my rather large eyes. Large eyes are a coveted feature for women - the same as full lips, large breasts and small feet. With this being said, I put my middle finger up to him and told him he doesn’t know what he's talking about. Now, with everything that you love, you want to emphasise it and show it off. Models and celebrities have insurance worth millions to protect their best assets and while I'm a million(s) pound short, I've decided there's other ways to protect and highlight this feature I've embraced.

I never really had much concern for my eyes and it was an area that I dismissed as something mature women take care of. However, since turning 25, reality has hit fast - I'm getting older and in the beauty world I'm considered mature. You see in my opinion, once you turn 30, everything starts going south. Your collagen levels rapidly deplete and all you're left with is skin. Well, that was what I was taught at beauty school (with some exaggeration of course). So for the past year I've added my eyes to my military like skin care regime with some added makeup tricks to create an illusion of perfect eyes at all times.

Clarins eye revive beauty flash is the one product that I always come back to. Maybe its my subconscious paranoia that I've developed after years in beauty school of being told that at the young age of 25, I'm now classed as a mature skin type. Since turning 25 I have adopted a very strict eye care regime which includes the Clarins eye reviver. It moisturises, brightens and creates my doe like eyes. Apparently this is something men are attracted to so its perfect for taking me one step closer to my prince charming.

Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual skin enhancer is a product that does everything under the sun and for this reason, its God’s gift to me. Over the years, my need for makeup has reduced but I still can’t leave my house or even go to the gym without a few strokes of mascara (which of course I try to make look natural) so people think I wake up looking effortless all day long. So when I heard about Kevyn Aucoin's sensual skin enhancer I thought 'Jannette, this might be the product you have been praying for all these years'. Of course I had to try it out and thank God I did. This little gem can be used for everything including foundation, concealer and highlighter. I'm not too sure what the ingredients are but I'm sure it contains Holy water, its just that amazing. I use it under the eyes to help conceal and brighten. The texture itself is confusing to me, its thick like a heavy duty concealer but blends in like a liquid foundation (now can you see why I say it contains Holy water). Furthermore, I apply it under my eyebrows as a highlighter to lift my brows.

For the corners of my eyes I alternate between Sienna X illuminating pencil and Belmacz 24ct gold leaf eyeshadow in gold. I only learnt about this trick recently from my long lost sister Beyonce (so long lost that she has never heard of me and not found me on her family tree). She stated that to brighten her eyes she uses gold eyeshadow in the inner corner instead of white. Duh, why didn't I think of this before. It makes perfect sense - especially if you have a yellow undertone as the gold will help to brighten the eyes and make them appear bigger.

For instant brightening, cold tea bags are my best friends because I'm young, loving life and do enjoy a good night out. You know, those nights where you instantly forget your problems after a few shots but then as the sun rises you're slammed back to reality with a banging headache and sometimes a realisation that you have work in an hour. If I do have time, I apply a cold (not hot, you don't want to replace tired eyes with scalded eyes - not sexy) tea bags over the eyes for 20 mins. This little trick does the job - eyes are brighter and your boss will never know you only slept for an hour. Now all you have to do is shower off the stench of alcohol.

So now I've told you my secrets and how I create "model" looking eyes, all thats left is for you to try them out for yourselves and see if they actually work!

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