YSL Rouge Volupte Rose Asarine Lipstick

As I’m sure you all know, YSL makeup is a thing of beauty. Their lipsticks are the cream of the crop and everything about their shiny gold packaging exudes luxury. If it weren’t for the high price tags, I’d probably own every product they stock (a girl can dream). With this being said, when I was recently given the opportunity to spend £100 at Boots, I immediately headed to the YSL counter to add a new lipstick to my collection. Having £25 spare to splurge on lipstick is a rarity for me so this was a really nice treat and I thoroughly enjoyed swatching the different shades and picking my favourites.

With the help from a lovely sales assistant I walked away with a new Rouge Volupte lipstick in the shade #34 ‘Rose Asarine’. I’d spent what felt like hours swatching various shades and formulas and my arm resembled a child’s colouring book by the time I actually decided on a shade. I originally went with the intention of getting a deep berry pink but after realising there wasn’t many fitting that description at my local Boots, I went for no 34. It’s a very unusual shade as it has tones of red/coral and pink all mixed into one. It’s also VERY bright and has a slight neon undertone coming through. However, if you’re a bright lipstick lover like me, this one is seriously stunning and the vibrant shade instantly brightens up my whole complexion.

YSL Rouge Volupte Rose Asarine Lipstick Review 2.jpg
YSL Rouge Volupte Rose Asarine Lipstick Review 3.jpg

Colour aside, the formula is also unbelieveable. As with all YSL lipsticks, the pigmentation is out of this world and with a light swipe across my lips I can achieve an intense and opaque coverage. They also feel incredibly moisturising and have a glossy finish. My only slight grumble about these lipsticks is that they don't have a very long wear time - as with most creamy lipsticks, they wear off that bit faster than matte finishes.  However, I can't say I mind having to re-apply as its just sooo pretty! The stunning gold tube with the YSL logo engraved around the middle makes it all the more special and in my opinion, worth the price tag. Even when the product inside has gone, I'll be keeping the tube regardless!!

At £25 a pop, these lipsticks aren't cheap. However, if I had £25 going spare, would I buy another? Hell yeah! I've now got 4 YSL lipsticks and I love each and every one of them - they never fail to impress!

Do you like YSL lipsticks? What's your favourite shade? 

Lots of love,

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